The Fall of the NFL

I am human. We all are humans. As humans, we make mistakes. Some small and unnoticeable, but others are too big to be ignored. As humans there are events that can make us both laugh and cringe. If you are reading this and thinking this is going to be a comical post on my blog, then exit the website right now because I promise you there will be no comedy in this. 

For several weeks the NFL has been under major criticism and for good reasons. The domestic violence controversies of Greg Hardy (Carolina Panthers Defensive End) and Ray Rice (Former Baltimore Raven Running Back) and the recent child neglect arrest of the Vikings Adrian Peterson has many looking down on the NFL negatively. I personally condemn both the NFL and the three players mentioned above for this. Why the NFL? Because instead of getting directly involved, Roger Goodell has done nothing but sit on the golden toilet that he sleeps on. Here are the issues at hand for the NFL:

- Greg Hardy threatened to, and almost, kill his girlfriend while beating her in a hotel room a few months ago, and is now awaiting a trial by jury, which is going to be his downfall because no one will believe his side of the story. The Carolina Panthers deactivated him for week 2 against the Detroit Lions, but he played in week 1. With this, until his legal issues are settled, he shouldn't step onto the field at all.

- Adrian Peterson's story brings up more talk about punishment for children. Now let me be clear when I say that when I grow older, I wish to be a father. I believe in discipline, which means if my child misbehaves, I will spank them. But what AP did was disgusting. He is alleged of spanking his child with a switch on his buttocks, legs, and back. Now I would NEVER go that far, and this story is only beginning so it will be interesting how it plays out.

- Finally: the Ray Rice saga. Rice is accused of knocking his then fiancé Janay Palmer in an elevator and dragging her unconsciously out. He was charged with domestic violence and sentenced to a suspended sentence and probation. He has apologized in public to the public, but never had I heard one to his wife. He was also suspended two games, which basically was the tomato that exploded in Goodell's face. Two games for domestic violence yet players get year long suspensions for smoking dope? Unbelievable. Many were calling for (and still are) Goodell to step down as commissioner of the NFL, and yet he hasn't. Now with the actual elevator footage revealed to the world (thanks TMZ), we can now see the foley that the NFL has done. Janay went on the record to attack the media for this story. What were we supposed to do, just let it slide? Because your husband punched you unconscious you're going to attack us members of the media? Think about this for a second, then read on.

I love football. I played it in high school, I keep tabs on NFL and college football, and even play fantasy football at my college radio station with some members. But never have I been more appalled at the issues the NFL is dealing with. I know how to make it all go away. I call it the Jimmycat Referendum:

1. Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson will not play for their respective until their legal issues are complete and any punishment handed down by the courts are fully completed.

2. Ray Rice and his wife Janay will be banned from the NFL for life. Neither will be allowed to attend any NFL games or enter any NFL events and organizations unless given permission by the NFL executive board (not the commissioner) for any reason. 

3. Roger Goodell will step down from the Commissioner of the NFL position that he holds and will be banned for life as well. He will not attend any events given by the NFL, including the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft.

Now of course this will not happen. I can only say what could possibly happen, and I hope it happens. But we all know this won't happen. I pray that the NFL does the right thing and gets it right, or else the next thing that will happen will be the knife to the jugular: TV contracts going away. Dun Dun Dun!