Detroit vs Dallas: Historical Game For Wrong Reasons

The play in question, i'll let you judge it for yourself...

The NFL is (once again) in hot water.

The NFC Wild Card match between the #3 seed Dallas Cowboys and the #6 seed Detroit Lions should be considered by sports fans as a game that will go down in history. Down 17-7 at halftime, the Cowboys came away with a 24-20 victory late in the game, making sure the Lions stayed winless since 1991 (ironically, against the Dallas Cowboys). While Tony Romo was considered the hero of the game, and I'll admit it, he played well in the second half, there's something else about this game that is garnering national, if not worldwide attention.

In the fourth quarter, with the Lions driving, Matt Stafford threw a ball to Brandon Pettigrew, who was being blocked by Anthony Hitchens. Hitchens never turned his head and contact was made during the play, so the flags came out for a pass interference on the Cowboys. However, seconds after announcing the infraction, the referees picked up the flag. After the game, it was said that there was minimal contact and the linesman saw some face guarding, which is a penalty in college football but not in the NFL. To make matters worse, there were reports (and pictures) that the NFL's head of officiating was seen getting off a Cowboy party bus. While none of this now is confirmed, this is yet another black eye to the NFL.

Many fans are calling this a fixed game, and the reports of the officiating exec leaving the bus could justify that. This is a serious matter that needs to be discussed. The NFL's social media sites wouldn't respond to any comments on the call/no call, and this is causing outrage within the NFL community. I will admit: the call/no call was fishy, and I am upset that the Lions failed to win regardless of what happened. I am not going to call conspiracy until I see or get some proof besides a guy leaving a damn party bus.

This game will be one for the ages. But it could also be possibly called the biggest screw job since the Montreal Screwjob for the WWE in the late 1990s. However, let's have time pass, and cooler heads prevail, and I'm sure eventually we will get to the bottom of this.

The big question that I have is: when, if they decide to do so, will the NFL investigate this?