My Top 5 Places To Host Your Fantasy Football Draft

Like the majority of the nation, I love playing fantasy football. Whether it's for bragging rights with my buddies, or trying to avoid the dreaded last place consequence that may loom in my league, it's a lot of fun to play in! Around this time, everyone is making their lists, watching NFL Network for player updates, and praying they get a decent spot in their draft. At the same time, some leagues are preparing to have their league draft on location. Even though my league won't be held on location (yet), I want to throw out my top 5 locations to host your fantasy football draft! Note: the rankings are not based on a best-to-worst criteria.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

We have all been to a Buffalo Wild Wings at some point in our lives. They have a deal where you can host your draft for a fee. This deal includes a draft kit, food and drinks, and a draft board where you can make your picks. It's a popular choice to have your draft, and it's always on people's list when it's time to determine a location. They have all the items, all you need to do is bring your league with you to enjoy the fun!

2. League Member's House

In the event you don't want to spend bongo bucks at a restaurant to draft, you can always have it at a league members house. Usually, this would be either the commissioners house, or the house of someone who's in last place, as punishment for their finish. This gives you the opportunity to allow league members to bring some food and drinks of their choosing. Instead of a draft board, you can always use ClickyDraft and hook up your laptop to a TV to project the draft so far. It's a great option if your league mates live in a relatively same area.

3. NFL Team's or Other Sports Stadium

Now let me be clear when I say this: NOT ALL stadiums offer this luxury. The Kansas City Chief opened Arrowhead Stadium for leagues to draft at, for a price. The response to this has been very positive. As a result, other teams have looked into this and may open their arena to leagues looking to have some fun at their favorite team's stadium. Now "other sports stadium" is mentioned because other sports teams may have deals where you can have your draft at their stadium. The Detroit Tigers had a deal where you can be a part of the Tigers' players fantasy draft, assisting the players in picking for their respective team. Seriously, so cool!

4. Conference/Party Room

If you don't want to spend a boatload at Buffalo Wild Wings, then do a cheaper option like a conference room or a party room at your local bar. The only thing is that YOU have to provide everything (some places may have a deal with food and drinks, but draft board and kits are your responsibility). It's a cheaper option to host your draft, but if you want the real experience, then you would want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings.

5. Las Vegas

This is the dream destination draft baby! Las Vegas! This is where you would need to do a lot of research (and spend a lot of money) to have your draft. Some places, like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and the D Las Vegas, offer specials to host your draft. Others would just love to have you period. Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, and before or after your draft, you have options on what you want to do. If you are serious about this once in a lifetime draft, Do some research before you book your flight to Sin City. If you do go, have fun at your awesome draft!