Summer of 2016: WTF

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhhh, the summer of 2016. What a wonderful time to be around in the world of sports. NBA has crowned a new champion. Baseball is starting to cut the wheat from the chaff in regards to possible playoff contenders, as well as determine who will have home field advantage in the 2016 World Series. Football is prepping for another season with training camps on the horizon. The Rio Olympics are a-coming. Major soccer tournaments all over the world taking off in full force, with the Copa America Centenario being held in the United States, and the International Champions Cup returning to the US, China, and Australia this summer.

Before the summer began, you would think the powerhouse teams of their respective sport would reign supreme and ESPN and other sports networks would talk about their inevitable championship reigns for yet another offseason. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all. Instead, as I watch these events unfold with my own eyes, only one thought comes through my mind.


What is going on!?! So many crazy things have happened since the turn of the season!!! So many upsets, firings and resignations, crazy comebacks, and Zika virus. I feel like I woke up from a 2 month coma after my trip to Las Vegas, with my buddies filling me in with what has happened while I was out:

- Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA championship, coming back from being down 3-1 against Golden State, giving Cleveland their first title in 54 years in all four major sports? WTF!

- Chile wins the Copa America Centenario in the finals over Argentina in penalty kicks (again), the same game where we witnessed Lionel Messi miss his chance to win a title? The tournament also saw the United States finishing in 4th place, and Brazil losing to Peru to be eliminated in the group stage? WTF!

- San Jose went to the Stanley Cup Finals but lost to Pittsburgh 4-2 to keep any titles away from the West Coast in 2016 so far? WTF! 

- England bows out to Iceland in Euro 2016!?! Seriously!?!? ICELAND!?!?! WTF!!!!

- Rio officials are concerned the Summer Olympics are going to be a "complete failure"? Well, I mean no surprise there but still, WTF!

It all started with a drought ending, and when LeBron screamed "CLEVELAND!!!", it sent massive waves across the world of sports. Back then, Cleveland was laughed at in the sports world. Iceland had never competed in a tournament. The Olympics were supposed to be an event that folks would look forward to.

Now, the word "underdog" doesn't mean crap. Upsets have now become common, especially in soccer. The Olympics are now to be underminded in the country's ongoing turmoil, both politically and economically. Cleveland is no longer the laughingstock of the sports world. That unfortunate title now belongs to San Diego. 

We are now in the the most turbulent of times in the sports world. If this is a precursor of the upcoming fall, then we are in deep trouble. But this doesn't have to be all bad. This means the Cubs could win a World Series, and as soon as that happens, then that means anything will happen!

And as soon as that happens, we can have our Detroit Lions-Cleveland Browns Super Bowl!!!!